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September 2019

NC long processing machine for iron SWF-24ATC New releaseNEW

鉄用NC長尺加工機 SWFシリーズ

Developed for customers who want to machine long steel materials such as iron H steel and C section steel, this machine has higher rigidity than the SWS series, a powerful spindle of 11 kW, drilling and high milling capacity. It is a processing machine.
The drill function for SS and S45C materials allows drill diameters up to Φ35. The tool changes quickly with 24 random ATCs in memory random mode.
The unique interactive device "S-SYSTEM" for long programming machines reduces processing programming. Provides ease of use.
The method and shape of the clamp vise will be determined in consultation with the customer. (This machine adopts hydraulic cylinder clamp)
During cutting, the coolant is used for cooling, so iron can be used with confidence.
Machine stroke can be designed according to customer's work. Please contact us for production records from 3000mm to 18m.

ハイトルクスピンドル11kwHigh torque spindle 11kw installed
メモリーランダム方式24本ATC搭載Equipped with 24 memory random type ATC
専用油圧シリンダーバイスExclusive hydraulic cylinder vise
クーラント装置搭載Equipped with coolant device

Main Specifications
Spindle performance BT40(Pull studMAS-1)/11kw/10000min-1
ATC Memory random 24 ATC
axis drive unit Linear guide#45
Clamp vise Determined by consultation
axis stroke Determined by consultation
Gauge line Determined by consultation
Rapid traverse speed X axis 40m/min Y axis 20m/min Z axis 15m/min
Drilling capacity (SS / S45C) Drill diameter Φ35
Milling capacity Face millΦ80

High-speed 24ATC type NC long processing machine SWS-24ATC-H New releaseNEW

高速24ATC搭載型NC長尺加工機 SWS-24ATCH

Our standard 24 ATCs use the method of clamping and unclamping by air-hydro cylinders.
The tool change time is 3.5 seconds because the tool is pulled in from the center of the spindle when the tool is installed, and the pull stud is pressed when the tool is removed.
This machine equipped with a high-speed 24ATC uses a cam-type tool change in addition to the operation of the memory random method, so the drawbar and cam movements are linked, enabling a 0.8-second high-speed change.
For this reason, a dedicated ATC / spindle is used, so it is a more expensive device than the normal 24-tool ATC, but the difference in tool exchange speed is 2.7 seconds, so you can expect a reduction in time.
* Note that saw blades cannot be mounted on this 24-speed ATC.

June 2019

Iron gate movable NC processing machine SWMG3015-SA ReleaseNEW



This machine is a SA type with a spindle rotation function of 11 kw (standard 3.7 kw) and a spindle rotation function for iron machining.
In addition to milling and boring from above, you can use any angle head to machine from all sides and from any side. (Range ± 180 °).
The X-axis running rail is located at the top, so it is not easily affected by chips. The guide used has a retainer, and the drive uses a ball screw, so it has excellent rigidity.
This model can also accept orders such as changing the table size to any size and selecting the number of ATC.

Main Specifications
NC FANUC 0i-MF or 31i-MODEL B5
Spindle performance BT40(Pull stud MAS-1)/3.7kw/10000min-1
ATC Umbrella type 12 ATC or 24 ATC
Table size Made to order is possible.
Standard table specifications Cast T-groove specifications (many achievements including can-making tables, suction tables, etc.)
Each axis stroke Determined by consultation.
Gauge line Determined by consultation.
Rapid traverse speed X axis25m/min Y axis25m/min Z axis20m/min

November 2018

Spindle type NC long processing machine 24ATC mounted typeReleaseNEW


主軸旋回型NC長尺加工機24ATC搭載型 SWS-SA-24ATC+2ATC

This machine changes the ATC of the main spindle rotary type NC long processing machine SWS-SA-12ATC machine, which is the standard machine, to a drum type 24ATC, and has 2ATC for the angle head on the right side.
With the ability to mount 26 tools, including angle heads, customers who use a large number of cutting tools in the machining process can reduce tool change times.
Features of this machine include machining from above, milling, boring, as well as cutting from any angle using a saw-tooth head, and side and end drilling using a double head angle head (optional) It is included.

Main Specifications
NC FANUC 0i-MF SWS-SA specification
Spindle performance BT40(Pull stud MAS-1)/3.7kw/10000min-1
ATC 24本ATC+For angle head2ATC
Material clamp Equipped with air clamp vise as standard
positioning Equipped with a vertical stopper on the left side of the machine
Max machining range X axis order possible・Y axis 420mm・Z axis 200mm
Saw diameter Φ255
Rapid traverse speed X axis 60m/min Y axis 25m/min Z axis 20m/min
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