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Examples of custom-made machines

CASE1 Semi-order
This machine is manufactured by adding a special order option to our standard machine.
Because it is an order for the base machine, the movement of the machine etc. is easy to understand, and it is more versatile than all orders.
Hold close meetings with customers, exchange ideas, and design machines with 3DCAD

Example: When using a high output spindle = change to a spindle of 5.5 kw or more
Example: Want to retain a material with a special shape = Development of a dedicated vise, etc.
Example: Automate = Complete design of transport lines and machines
Example: Designation of machine stroke = dedicated stroke design
Example: Placing a machine in a limited space in a factory = Dedicated design

Please do not hesitate to consult us when choosing a machine based on the shape of the material.
CASE2 Full order
It is a completely custom-made machine according to the material shape and production volume.
Ask what kind of processing and how much production will be performed on the material, and design it as a special machine dedicated to the material.
Utilizing NC technology, we develop special machines with various ideas.

Example: 28 axis screw tightening machine
Example: Twin head processing machine
Example: Triple head processing machine
Example: Robot mounted machine

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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