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March 2008 Founded in Okaya City, Nagano Pref. Started selling long aluminum sash processing machines.
October 2010 We exhibited for the first time at JIMTOF2010.
September 2011 Separated manufacturing and sales divisions and established sales division (Sawai Enterprise).
September 2011 Acquired the model processing machine division of Iida Iron Works Co., Ltd.
April 2012 Moved factory to Makinohara city, Shizuoka pref.
November 2014 Exhibited at JIMTOF2014.
July 2015 Relocated factory to Kikugawa city, Shizuoka prefecture due to business expansion.
November 2015 Yoshihiro Sawairi, President and CEO, received the 2015 Shizuoka Prefecture Industrial Management Innovation Award.
November 2016 Exhibited at JIMTOF2016.
September 2017 Sawairi Enterprise Co., Ltd. is integrated and Sawairi Engineering Sales Department is established.
September 2017 Opened Tokyo Sales Office.
November 2018 Exhibited at JIMTOF2018.
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