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Sawairi Engineering Business

Sawairi Engineering manufactures and sells milling machines and machining centers.
The main products are the "NC long processing machine" for aluminum sash, the "NC modeling machine" for woodcut processing, the "NC panel processing machine" for plate processing, and the "NC router processing machine" for resin trimming. We manufacture NC machine tools according to your order.
There is a danger of labor shortage in more industries in the future. Sawali Engineering improves efficiency by introducing bespoke machines and robots, including IOT, and challenges creating machines with the features customers want.

NC long processing machine / aluminum sash processing machine section

This machine specializes in processing long materials such as aluminum sashes, various aluminum materials and extruded materials.
There are three types: 6-axis turret type, ATC mount type, and spindle rotation type. There are many machine length variations and many custom made results.
see the SWS series page for details
Modeling Machine / NC Model Processing Machine Division

This machine specializes in modeling wooden molds, Styrofoam and light metals.
We propose the best models for various scenes.
See the SWM series page for details
NC panel processing machine section

This machine processes panel materials such as aluminum, light metal and resin.
The machine will be a full order machine, so you need to consider the details.
We have a track record of manufacturing machines over 30m, so please contact us for large panels.
See the SWG series page for details
NC resin router section

This machine processes resin sheet material.
Despite being a turret type, a patented non-contact gear achieves a spindle rotation of 60,000 min-1.
See the SWR series page for details
NC special order machine section

We have a proven track record in manufacturing machines with complete orders for a variety of materials and processes.
In particular, we have a track record of manufacturing light metal and resin processing machines.
see the NC custom-ordered machine page for details.
For inquiries by e-mail, please use this e-mail form.

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