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Frequently Asked Questions

The NC long machine is an NC machine tool that specializes in processing long materials among NC machine tools.
It mainly drills long objects (materials of 3m or more) that cannot be realized with general machine tools.
The characteristics vary depending on the manufacturer, but equipment that is common to all companies, such as "processing of 3 m or more is possible", "processing width is up to about 400 mm", "with or without saw blade cutting function", "attached clamp", etc., And "with stopper" is a feature of the long processing machine.
The roots of long processing machines date back to the days when aluminum sashes for building materials were processed by hand. At that time, it seems that the left and right covers of power tools and machine tools were cut and processed.
With the introduction of NC equipment and interactive programming, a long machine seems to have been established.

Sawairi has three types of long processing machines. In the SWS-6T turret type, the speed of tool change is prioritized and the number of tools to be installed is six, but holes and drilling can be performed with quick tool change.
With the SWS-ATC type, increasing the number of tools to be installed reduces setup and increases machining efficiency.
The SWS-SA type can be cut with a saw or processed from the side using an angle head.
We also provide custom-made machines, such as machines that rotate more than 10 meters, four-sided machining by rotating materials, multiple hole machining with punch presses, loading / unloading devices, and robot transporting machines. You can also.

The NC model processing machine is a portal machining center for light cutting of light alloys such as wood, resin and aluminum.
Its name comes from the clay model of the car. It is called a model processing machine because it can perform 3D modeling, so-called modeling.

"I want to change the table size to any size" "I want to increase the number of ATC" "I want to increase the Z-axis stroke""I want to change the spindle specification to BBT40 or HSK63", "I want to increase the spindle output", "I want to add a dust collection function", "I want to cover completely"Such orders are often entered.

The NC panel processing machine is a processing machine that cuts holes in plate materials such as wood, resin, and aluminum. There is a lineup of models corresponding to sizes such as 3X6, 4X8, 5X10.

All NC panel processing machines are “custom made”.
Cutting and drilling can be performed using a saw blade. For customers who manufacture truck vans, insulated vehicles, etc., it is not uncommon for the machine length to exceed 10 m. This model is equipped with our proprietary "vertical and horizontal saw unit", which allows the end-step processing of insulation to be completed in one shot.

Interactive programming is a general term for a system in which a machine can be driven numerically based on a condition when a number is entered according to information displayed on the screen.
Our NC long processing machine is equipped with a proprietary interactive programming function called "S-SYSTEM interactive type" as standard. In addition to end milling and drilling, interactive programming supports cutting with a saw blade and side machining with an angle head.
We may also create "custom programs" at your request.

Yes.Since the fixing method depends on the material, test processing can be performed based on the fixing method. (* If the jig needs to be manufactured, it will cost a lot)
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